What is the best way to switch IT managed service providers?

Thinking about getting a new Managed IT Service Provider in Orange County? Making the switch can be unnerving. After all, your current IT support has ownership of all your network credentials, passwords, systems information, and other sensitive data. They also have access to your valuable intellectual property.  

Because your current Managed Service Provider (MSP) has so much information about your systems and business, you might feel like they’re holding you captive. It can feel even worse when the relationship is not on good terms. 

Some companies don’t know what to do first when deciding to make the switch. You might be uncertain about who will be responsible during different stages of the transition and what to do if things go wrong. The best way to make the switch is to partner with a company that takes a systematic approach to onboarding new clients, including a smooth transition away from their current MSP. 


The BRITECITY RECIPE for Switching MSPs 

BRITECITY has years of experience and expertise in the transition process. We’ve created a RECIPE for helping new Orange County based clients move away from their current MSP. The initial engagement typically begins with understanding the company’s needs. We’ll deep-dive into: 

The pain points you are experiencing with your current MSP 

Your concerns or fears with making the switch to a new provider 

We’ll then come up with a plan to help ensure a seamless transition from your old MSP. BRITECITY has helped hundreds of companies make the move away from their current provider of IT support, with less than a handful of migration issues over that time. Even when there has been limited availability with the current MSP, we have been able to make the transition successfully without any harm being done to the client’s systems, data, or working environment. We take full responsibility for our clients’ IT services and support from the first day of the contract. 


Starting with an Introduction 

We begin most transitions by sending an email to our new client’s current IT provider. BRITECITY provides the outgoing MSP with a 30-day notice of the cancellation of our client’s managed IT services. We then set up an online or in-person meeting with the MSP to discuss the particulars of the transition. We also schedule a day for the “changing of the guard” to complete the migration of our client’s IT services from the outgoing MSP to BRITECITY. 

We prefer to have a 30-day period when the current MSP’s IT services overlap with BRITECITY’s commencement of its IT services. This enables us to address any issues, get questions answered, and ensure that no key data is missed along the way. At the end of the 30 days, we terminate the agreement with the client’s current MSP and take over complete management of their systems and IT services going forward. 

During the transition period, and going forward, BRITECITY conducts an assessment of our client’s current technology situation and needs.  

We’ll determine what can remain and suggest where improvements in your systems and technology can be made. We will migrate you to cloud-based systems and services where they make operational and financial sense. We’ll also maintain the cybersecurity of your systems and data, just in case the previous MSP is not ready or capable of providing these services during the transition period. 


Commitment to Transparency 

BRITECITY is committed to one hundred percent transparency with our clients. It’s one reason why we employ a fixed-cost model, as it ensures total transparency in our pricing. This all-inclusive model means our clients will always pay the same rate for IT services from month to month. They will never have to pay for emergency site visits or unexpected repairs. 

BRITECITY is also transparent in how we partner with businesses in Orange County. We want to ensure our clients never face a situation where they feel like we are holding them captive, or that will make them uncomfortable should they need to switch to a new provider.  

We provide clients with all technical documentation that we collect and maintain for them on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. We also set up multi-factor authentication access to that environment. If anything happens to our company or the relationship does not work out as expected, you can bring in another MSP at any time, and make the transition to a new MSP without the need to involve or notify BRITECITY. 

BRITECITY is dedicated to becoming your trusted advisor and providing IT managed services in Orange County. We are focused on ensuring our clients’ peace of mind so that, no matter what happens, they will always be able to maintain control of their IT. 


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