Top 5 ingredients of IT success

BRITECITY is focused on providing IT service in Orange County that ensures business growth and success for all of our clients. To differentiate ourselves from other IT providers in Orange County, our goals are to partner with our clients and invest in the ongoing success of their business.

To champion the success of our clients’ business, BRITECITY:

1. Supports our clients with small teams

2. Utilizes a fixed-fee IT support agreement

3. Bundles cybersecurity services

4. Creates a functional backup recovery plan for each client

5. Integrates continuous improvement

Small team support

Over the last few years, BRITECITY has experimented with the best way to service clients who need personalized IT support. We have found that allowing our staff to support and focus on a smaller list of clients enables us to provide faster and more familiar support to clients who receive IT managed services in Orange County.

When a client calls in to ask for help with a particular issue, there is familiarity with the person on the other end of the line. We get to know our clients personally, as well as their businesses, and we understand the nuances of their technology issues. Providing support through small teams guarantees that we will provide the highest and most personalized level of IT support to our clients in Orange County.

Fixed-fee IT support agreement

The fixed-fee agreement incentivizes BRITECITY to keep our clients’ technology running well and reduce the number of issues and visits required. We focus on doing preventive work and figuring out ways to fix technology problems, old hardware challenges or poor system design. This is a win-win situation for us and our clients, as they remain productive and we reduce long-term expenses.

Bundled cybersecurity services

Bundled and multi-layered cybersecurity services are the best line of defence against cyberattacks and other security concerns. As a managed cloud service provider and a cyber-security provider in Orange County, BRITECITY takes a multi-layered approach to providing cybersecurity services. Our multi-layered approach includes:

· Dark web scanning, which monitors the dark web for breached credentials

· Email phish campaign testing, which trains clients’ employees on how to identify and prevent phishing attacks that could cripple your organization

· AI-based antivirus software, which looks for behavior changes in the company’s computers, rather than scanning for viruses

· DNS-based filtering, which protects employees from malicious online entities

· Email filtering, which scans emails before they enter employees’ inboxes to protect against spam, malware, phishing, and other types of attacks

Functional backup recovery plan

Backup and recovery technology has evolved dramatically over the last 20 years. We’ve moved from tapes to hard drives and advanced to cloud-based services. The technology for backing up our clients’ systems is vital to their continued success. As a managed cloud service provider in Orange County, BRITECITY takes extra steps to implement recovery time and recovery point objectives with our clients.

Recovery time refers to how long it will take to get your company up and running after a disaster. Recovery point objective determines how far back in time the backup will go to recover data, and how many points in time can data be restored. These are important issues to discuss up front when designing backup systems, and will help with understanding the needs of your business. Designing an effective backup solution requires getting answers to these questions, as it will enable BRITECITY to integrate disaster recovery into the backup solution.

Continuous improvement

BRITECITY goes beyond the status quo. We focus on a continuous improvement methodology to reduce the number of issues and streamline changes within our clients’ businesses.

BRITECITY’s business philosophy is called theKITCHEN, which involves creating unique technical RECIPES for each client’s business. It enables us to move quickly when a client goes through major changes. One common RECIPE involves onboarding new employees. On day one of their employment, the new employee needs access to specific applications, email distribution groups, file security levels, specific printers within the organization, and so on. By following a RECIPE, we can ensure that on day one that new employee has everything that they need to get to work.

Of course, as your company evolves, so will your BRITECITY RECIPE. If you add new programs or printers, we can add them to your company’s custom RECIPE. The next time a new employee comes on board, this guarantees that item won’t get missed. The RECIPE builds continuous improvement into the organization. Over time, it reduces the amount of rework and callbacks, and allows our clients’ employees to get back to work and be more productive.