Tired of your IT issues?
We've got you covered
Speak with an IT Professional today We focus on improving your organization through cybersecurity services, cloud solutions,
managed IT, VOIP and consulting.

We believe in user-friendly technology,
so we made it easier for you to manage your business.


The security of your business is important.  Whether your needs are internal or external security, we have you covered.


We built an IT support solution designed to keep your employees productive because we think people are pretty darn important.


Has your IT consultant planned for a disaster? Don’t worry, we have and you will be ready.

We think of it as “Our Secret Sauce”


theKITCHEN is our unique method of building continuous improvement within your organization, ultimately decreasing the total # of IT problems over time. theKITCHEN designs technical recipes to reduce per-person issues keeping your staff productive. We like to think of this as our “secret sauce”.

Secure Your Business

Maintaining documentation about your systems and your people is paramount. We take it a step farther and make sure that, as a business owner, you see what we see all from within our secure documentation portal.


Your technical documentation is organized, maintained, and secure. We also make sure every business owner has access to it whenever they need it.



We built an IT support solution designed to keep your employees productive because we think people are pretty darn important. Is your company data prepared for a disaster?

bPRODUCTIVE on any device, at any time, from anywhere.

Fixed Fee Agreement

Never see an extra fee for monthly service. We think this is how small business IT support should be.

Remote or Onsite

Our staff is just a phone call away. We can help whether you need remote support or an onsite presence.

Nighttime Emergencies?

Leave a message in our emergency mailbox and we will call you back, at no additional cost.


briteCITY provides data backup services to companies like yours. Helping you plan for a disaster is what we do, so your people can get back to work.

Backup Verification

Your backups should run succesfully every night. When it doesn't. We fix it.

Emergency After-Hours Alerting

Even when technology fails on the weekends, the team is ready to respond.

Preventive Nighttime Maintenance

We make every effort to prevent issues, without interrupting your business, by doing proactive IT maintenance at night.


It’s like having an IT Security Consultant on staff.  bSECURE with briteCITY.

IT for small business is always changing. That is why our continuous improvement process in theKITCHEN, combined with our security solutions, reduces tickets, over time, even as technology changes occur.

Managed Security

Your backups should run succesfully every night. When it doesn't, we fix it.

Email SPAM & Junk Filtering

Reduce the amount of junk mail, mitigate viruses, and add another layer of security to your business

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