The value of a dedicated support team

There are hundreds of managed service providers in Orange County. They range from small, two and three-person businesses to large companies with up to ninety employees. When contemplating a switch from your current IT provider to a new one, it can be difficult to determine the best choice for your organization. 

Over the years, BRITECITY has experimented with a variety of approaches in providing IT services. We’ve tried different configurations of people, teams, and departments to identify the best way to provide IT support to clients we serve in Orange County. What we’ve found is that providing small, dedicated IT support teams enables us to quickly respond and resolve clients’ issues and return them to productivity.  


Working with a Small IT Provider 

When a client has a technical problem, their immediate reaction is to pick up the phone to speak with a person who knows how to quickly solve that specific problem. Nobody wants to spend hours on the phone trying to get IT support. You want to speak to the person who knows how to fix the problem and who can do it as soon as possible. 

In addition to possessing technical knowledge, you need someone who knows your business. They should understand the nuances and uniqueness of your company, as well as your network and applications. You don’t want to spend time explaining your various applications and their relative importance to your business. 

This may sound like the ideal situation to partner with a managed services provider operated by one or two people. The greatest benefit of working with such a small company is that they will know your business because you are one of their main clients, and you always speak with the same people. 

However, this benefit is also a potentially dangerous weakness. If you partner with a company where only one or two employees know everything about your business, you run the risk of losing that knowledge and experience when they leave or are unavailable. They could sell their business, retire, or get a full-time job with a large IT provider, taking all your business’ IT knowledge with them. If this happens, finding another IT provider in Orange County to learn about your business and its unique IT needs can cost your company valuable time. 

However, this benefit is also a potentially dangerous weakness. If you 


Partnering with a Large IT Provider 

Many companies in Orange County have been burned by their small IT providers leaving them in a lurch. To prevent this situation from recurring, they will partner with a large managed services provider. These companies have dozens of employees and significant resources, so there’s no worry about your IT provider walking away with your IT knowledge or leaving you without IT support. 

However, there is a significant drawback to partnering with a large managed services provider. In most cases, when you call them with a technical question or problem, you probably speak with a different IT professional every time you contact them for help. This means you’ll be speaking with someone you don’t know; more importantly, they won’t know anything about you or your unique business. 

Under this scenario, you may end up getting help from a different IT professional with every call. If they’re not familiar with your company’s applications, they won’t know the nuances and how they function for your business. It will take longer to solve your problems. It’s quite likely you’ll go through the same process every time you contact the help desk. In the end, your time to resolution will be two to three times longer than what it could be had you dealt with an IT professional who was knowledgeable and experienced with your specific IT needs. 


Working with a Dedicated Support Team 

As BRITECITY has grown, we’ve found that even though we have a large group of IT professionals, we support our clients best in small teams. This gives clients the best of both worlds with the highest-level expertise and personalized familiar service. 

With BRITECITY, companies in Orange County receive the benefits of working with a large IT provider, including the depth of available resources when technical problems get rough. They also get the benefit of working with a dedicated team, with familiarity and knowledge of their company’s unique needs. The small support team can respond immediately and solve problems quickly. Even if one IT professional leaves or is unavailable, other team members will know the company’s unique needs and understand exactly what must be done. The company will be able to continue working, knowing their IT support team understands their business and its unique IT needs. 

BRITECITY assigns small, dedicated teams to help our accounts with specialized attention to the intricacies of their brands. The team members focus on the specific needs of the clients under their care. This ensures they are knowledgeable about each company’s unique IT requirements, and can provide the service and care offered by a small IT provider, backed up by the resources of a larger managed services provider. 


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