Top 4 reasons to switch IT service providers

Companies switch IT service providers for four main reasons:


  1. Their current IT provider’s response time is terrible
  2. They talk to someone who doesn’t know their business or how it operates
  3. Their IT provider struggles to get things set up right the first time
  4. Monthly billing is unpredictable


A different approach to IT services

When considering different IT providers in Orange County, it might seem difficult to differentiate between them. They attend the same conferences, use the same applications to support clients, and follow the same industry gurus. Their websites might even look exactly alike. That’s why BRITECITY does its best to stand out from the crowd while providing quality services. 

Here are our three major pillars for client support: 

  1. We create continuous improvement in our clients’ businesses by developing RECIPES in theKITCHEN, the cornerstone of our business philosophy
  2. We support all clients in small teams, which results in providing personalized support and faster resolution time
  3. We employ a fixed-fee agreement that incentivizes us to reduce the number of IT issues within your business




At BRITECITY, we write technical RECIPES specifically for your business in what we like to call theKITCHEN.  

When following a RECIPE, it’s likely to lead to a particular outcome, removing the guesswork from a process. 

One of our most popular RECIPES is for new employees. We start with the basics on day one. We grant access to applications, specific folders, email distribution groups, and set up their email signature, printers, and phone system. 

We will work with you to co-author a custom employee RECIPE that ensures your new staff has everything needed to start working. We want to avoid the “Can you call BRITECITY because we forgot to install X?” conversations. And if we miss something, we will tweak the RECIPE to get it right the next time.  

In essence, theKITCHEN is a continuous improvement methodology built right into your business. 


Small team support

BRITECITY uses small teams to support each client we serve. We assign a three-to-four-person team to a specific list of accounts. When you call in and get transferred to a team member, we won’t need to ask, “Who are you? What application are you using?” We will ask, “How was your vacation last week?” or, “Yes, that happened to your co-worker last week. Let me get that fixed.” 

No matter how good our documentation is, a genuine relationship is vital for IT services to function at their best. Providing you with a small, dedicated team of IT professionals ensures the highest level of service for the unique nuances of your business. We always bring exceptional service and increased simplicity to our clients. 


Fixed-fee agreement

It’s our job to keep you and your staff productive. Technology should enhance your work, not hinder it. Our service agreement involves supporting all your business devices, ensuring they work from anywhere at any time. And we work on a no-contract, month-to-month basis for a fixed monthly fee. 

This arrangement ensures we are financially incentivized to figure out how to reduce the total number of IT issues within your organization. We will examine your cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery, aging hardware, recurring issues, poor design, training, and more. This is where the design of how we deliver managed services starts to make sense. 

If we can work together to reduce the total number of IT issues and keep your staff more productive, it creates a win-win situation for both parties. Your employees become more productive, and we become more profitable. This is how we do managed IT services. 


Switching IT Services Provider

If your business is ready to take the next step in choosing a new IT service provider in Orange County, you can do so in several ways: 

  • Click the Book a Call button on the top right of our website to learn more about our service offerings.
  • Check out a case study on a few of our current clients by on Case Studies.
  • Click on Pricing to see what is costs to work with us. (I bet you won’t find that option on many other IT service providers’ websites! We are customer-centric and fully transparent with our rates.)
  • Check out our RECIPE for switching IT services providers.

Whatever option you choose, BRITECITY is here to help!


BRITECITY is an IT Services Orange County services provider focused on managed services, cloud services, it services, and managed it services. 

As an Orange County services firm, we maintain our focus on managed services, cloud services, cloud solutions, and managed IT services. Although southern California and orange county businesses are our primary focus, we do provide technology solutions and strategic initiatives for companies outside of the area. 

Today, managed IT services and managed cybersecurity are becoming more and more complicated of an offering. Compliance requirements like HIPPA increases the total number of strategic initiatives and technology solutions needed to be a successful managed IT services business. 

Whether you are have IT business needs, new technology solutions, or managed IT services needs in Lake Forest, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, Garden Grove, Seal Beach, Laguna Hills, San Juan Capistrano, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Anaheim, and other cities in Southern California we can help. 

The best way to get in touch with us is to Book A Call. During this call we can discuss your business needs to better understand if BRITECITY might be a good fit for your business. 


BRITECITY is an Orange County IT Services firm supporting local businesses in the area of Managed IT Services, Cyber Security, Cloud Services and Strategic IT.