Fixed-fee IT services billing beats the headache of service charges every time

If you are not working with a managed IT services provider in Orange County through a fixed-fee agreement, then you’re paying too much! A fixed-fee agreement will detail and describe the IT services covered so you always know what you’re paying for and what’s covered under the contract.

Understanding the benefits of fixed-fee agreements

What many companies don’t understand about fixed-fee agreements is that they financially incentivize your IT managed services provider in Orange County to reduce the total number of issues within your business. Technical issues can come in many forms – poor training, bad technology, old hardware, poor systems design, and so on. Under a fixed-fee agreement, every service call actually costs the IT provider. They have to pay employees to take your service calls, visit your site, and spend the time to identify and fix the problem, which could take several hours or even days. The more problems there are, the more it actually costs IT support to repair them.

When the company providing IT services in Orange County is incentivized to keep your technology operational, they’re also incentivized to keep your employees working. Mitigating the number and severity of IT issues makes your company and staff more productive. Your technology and its related problems do not get in the way of doing work. This produces a win-win scenario, as reducing technical issues keeps both the company and their IT provider profitable.

The real cost of fee-based contracts

Many companies will sign a fee-based contract with an IT managed services provider in Orange County when they need a specific problem fixed right away. They will sign up for IT services to solve an issue with the staff or technology that is preventing them from doing their work. Their server might go down or a computer might seize, or they could have a cybersecurity issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. At the time, it might not make sense to sign a fixed-fee agreement because the company wants to solve one problem right now. They compare the value of the repair against the cost of the service and decide that it’s worth paying for fee-based repair at that time.

It might be worth signing a fee-based contract and paying a one-time fee when facing a huge, pressing problem. But what about the next time one arises? Is the next problem worth paying for the $100 phone call to the IT provider, and whatever it costs for on-site technicians to deal

with the issue? In some cases, companies decide to wait until the problem gets bad enough to prevent them from doing any work.

Waiting is not a solution to IT problems. You’re now slowing down productivity, which is costing you revenue over the short and long term. Your network is riddled with problems that won’t go away. In fact, these problems will get worse because of the financial pressure brought about by the IT provider’s fee-based service.

When you sign a fixed-fee agreement with an IT managed services provider in Orange County, you’ll never have to wait until things get worse to request a service call. You can contact your IT provider to fix any issues right when they occur. All you need to do is contact the support desk to request a repair, and they will work toward a solution as quickly as possible. You’ll be back up and running, and won’t have to worry about extra charges eating into your budget, as the fixed-fee agreement is already part of your budget!

The real value of fixed-fee agreements

Companies providing IT managed services in Orange County that charge fee-based services tend to focus on fixing specific problems as they arise. However, they don’t add value to your organization. They are not incentivized to help you improve your business beyond making immediate repairs. Typical IT providers are only reactionary and don’t have a strategic offensive strategy.

When BRITECITY has signed on with new clients or visited a potential client’s site, we’ve discovered a number of situations that demonstrated a previous IT provider’s lack of commitment to providing value. For example, the backups were not run for the last 60 days or they did not regularly check the security alerts from the server. This happened because the IT provider was not on the hook to prevent problems from occurring. They focused on reacting when problems occurred, which only happened when they were hired and paid to do so.

BRITECITY’s fixed-fee contract structure enables us to provide clients with real value by preventing problems before they occur. This includes providing bundled services, such as security services monitoring, antivirus backup, and disaster recovery. Bundling these services into the fixed-fee contract keeps your business safe and operational.

A fixed-fee agreement ensures that your IT managed services provider in Orange County will prevent problems and create value in your business. They will also be available at all times to address any IT problems that arise according to your contract.