What can continuous improvement do for your business?

Why do organizations hire CPAs, sales and marketing professionals, and other types of outside consultants? It’s because they need specialized expertise to manage or provide those services. That’s also why they hire managed IT services in Orange County.

There are many third-party IT services in Orange County. They’re relatively easy to find to fill an organization’s IT management needs. However, most IT providers cannot legitimately focus on their clients’ continuous improvement. 

It’s relatively easy for an IT provider to say it focuses on clients’ continuous improvement. In truth, very few cybersecurity companies in Orange County can properly explain or demonstrate how they put continuous improvement into practice for their clients. It’s not an easy thing to do. Continuous improvement is ingrained in the culture of how BRITECITY operates and it distinguishes us from competitors who provide IT consulting in Orange County.

Consistency is the by-product of continuous improvement

The value of continuous improvement in a client’s business, with respect to the management of their IT services, comes from establishing consistency. In this context, consistency means you get the same results every time when you perform certain actions.

Consider the art of baking donuts. How do bakers get consistent donuts that taste great every time? They follow a RECIPE. The best donut shops use a RECIPE that describes how and when to make their donuts. Customers know those donuts will be warm and taste great when they go to that donut shop. That creates a great customer experience, as well as repeat customers.  

BRITECITY creates all our technical RECIPES in theKITCHEN, our unique approach to ensuring the consistency of our clients’ IT infrastructure. We help clients perform tasks consistently and achieve continuous improvement in their IT services, as well as how they run their business. For example, we’ll create a RECIPE based on what happens when a new employee joins an organization. To make sure they have what they need, the RECIPE can include giving them access to specific printers, setting up their email signatures, installing applications, including them in distribution groups, and so on. 

If a company has never onboarded new employees before, they may discover the RECIPE is missing some key steps or ingredients. For example, on day two, an employee might realize they cannot access some key files, or a particular application hasn’t been installed. So, the company will call BRITECITY to solve those issues. We’ll take care of those tasks and then tweak the RECIPE for setting up new employees so it doesn’t happen again. That’s adaptive, continuous improvement in action.

Over time, the recipe for onboarding new employees improves, and is eventually perfected, due to the collaboration between the client and BRITECITY. Every new employee will go through the same process, thanks to continuous improvement. This creates consistency within the organization, saving time and reducing the number of issues during employee onboarding. 

Consistency creates a smooth process. It removes the pain and frustration (for both employees and the business as a whole) that comes from trying to set up a system. Continuous improvement evens out the bumps in the process. And as BRITECITY perfects the process, we reduce the amount of time spent on executing the process while increasing the accuracy of execution to the highest level possible.

Fixed-fee pricing supports continuous improvement

Continuous improvement typically functions on a learning curve, with more work done up front as the IT provider learns about the intricacies of the organization’s IT needs. This can mean a lot of visits and service calls during the early days, and follow-up visits to deal with unexpected bumps. 

Some IT providers in Orange County charge a fee per service call or callback to address IT-related problems, such as visiting the site to set up new employees. This financially punishes the client for issues that might be the IT provider’s error of omission. That’s not the way we operate.

BRITECITY uses a fixed-fee agreement to demonstrate our commitment to clients’ continuous improvement. It serves as a financial incentive to be thorough in creating a complete RECIPE to reduce the number of service calls and rework required. This creates a win-win situation of making clients more productive (i.e., new employees can start working right away) and improving our profitably (i.e., spending less time on work that should be done right the first time). 

BRITECITY is committed to continuous improvement 

BRITECITY’s commitment to continuous improvement is one reason why we retain most of our clients over the long term. We make continuous improvement central to our culture and how we do business. Everything we do is focused through the lens of continuous improvement, such as improving our clients’ technology within the scope of their business.

BRITECITY also focuses on continuous behavioral and operational improvement within the scope of our business. We are dedicated to serving the needs of IT customers in Orange County. It’s where we live and work, and it’s where our focus lies. We live continuous improvement and do the same for our clients.