briteCITY is Proud of its Positive Feedback and Happy Clients

Did you know that COVID-19 has been a catalyst for business transformation? It’s true. Many businesses have pushed their technology to the next level so much sooner than they had anticipated. In fact, 76% of businesses are currently planning on long-term IT changes. Among the many changes that have come as a result of the pandemic, businesses have and will continue to increase their spending on technology during 2020 and beyond to help with the many transitions happening worldwide.

With so many IT companies in Orange County, California, how can someone know where to start or who to choose as their IT Services partner? Fortunately there are many companies willing to let people know what sets briteCITY apart from the rest of the pack to help you make your decision easily. 

For those customers who have entrusted us with their managed IT services, cloud consulting, and cybersecurity needs, we are thankful. It’s our greatest pride and joy to be partnered with such amazing clients. 

Over the years we’ve helped numerous companies through our services and unique b-approach. These engagements and experience have allowed us to receive raving reviews from our customers. Much like you would check out Amazon reviews for a product, or Yelp reviews for a new restaurant, there are websites that help our clients let you know what they love about our IT Services in Orange County as well.

In our most recent review, one of our happy clients shared some details about our ongoing partnership. For two years now, our team has been providing IT and help desk services for a software company.

The director of technology at the company shared, “We’ve had a few rounds of nonstandard scope-of-work deals, where briteCITY is performing a large amount of administrative duties, largely surrounding Office 365 and migrating users and emails.” 

As a result of our services, our client expressed that they’ve felt supported and confident in our attentiveness. Their internal team members have also provided positive feedback and anecdotes about our efforts. 

“They’re pretty flexible. . . Their capacity to deliver on the work has been excellent.” –Director of Technology, Zumasys

Another one of our happy clients is a construction company in Irvine. They brought us on for IT management and cloud consulting. The treasurer shared, “The most notable project would be migrating all of our data into the cloud and removing all on-site data storage. Their deliverables included a plan and the price to implement the plan.”

“This project has had a tremendous impact on our company. Now all of our data is in the cloud and all of our employees are using the new devices. There was almost no business interruption.” –Treasurer, Loftcrafters

These reviews and ratings have helped to establish us as a leading agency in our field. Our presence on The Manifest, a B2B guide that includes leading businesses and firms, allows us to see where we stand against our competitors.

Drop us a line if you ever need anything! As you can see, we take customer service very seriously, and would love to help more companies through these digital transformations.