Things to Look For When Choosing an IT Services Provider in Orange County California

All IT service providers are not created equal. Some companies prefer the Break/Fix provider, which only charges you when things go wrong. Others work with Managed Services Provider (MSP), which charges a monthly fee to keep business running smoothly even when things are okay.

Regardless of your industry, technology is the backbones of any company. More so now, with companies suddenly moving towards a distributed work environment wherein employees work remotely.

Most IT providers already have a system for setting up employees to work remotely. Implementation—if you haven’t already switched to remote work—is a quick and easy fix.

Whether you already have a provider for IT services in Orange County or are just starting to look for someone to help take care of your IT support, here are a few things you should look for before you make a commitment.

How easy is it to get support?

When your IT systems are down, it can mean a complete halt in productivity and revenue. So, getting support fast is what you want from an IT provider.

You want an IT provider that provides multiple ways of contacting them, so nothing falls through the cracks. A provider that will take your call when you can’t email and vice versa, reply to your email when your phone doesn’t work. A provider with a quick response time, usually providing a solution same to next business day.

At BRITECITY we have someone answering the phones during business hours, emailed requests automatically generate a ticket in our system, and you can also enter tickets directly in our portal. We also have a 24/7 Emergency Service for after-hours issues.

How big is their team?

If there’s only one person giving your company IT support, they’re going to have their hands full. If they get sick or go on vacation, where does that leave your company?

Relying completely on one person to ensure your IT systems are running properly is a disaster waiting to happen. When it comes to IT, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Your IT provider should also be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means they should have a big enough team to have a rotation set for after-hours emergencies.

How secure are their internal tools?

An IT provider’s security directly affects your own security. If your IT provider is hit with ransomware at any point in their supply chain, it can easily trickle down to your network. Make sure the IT company practices what they preach by making sure they use good internal security practices and use the right tools to help secure their internal network.

Not sure what a supply chain is? Check out our post on the importance of securing your supply chain. 

Are they proactive?

You don’t want to wait until things start breaking to get them fixed. You want your IT provider to know how your network works, so they’re ready when it stops working. Make sure you choose an IT provider that will offer proactive help, who can help you get problems fixed before they cause serious downtime.

What kind of IT provider do you have? Is your IT provider following the Break/Fix model or is it a Managed Services Provider (MSP)?  If you’d like to learn more about the difference between Break/Fix and MSP providers, check out our blog post.

Still not sure which type of provider is best for your business, we have a guide for what to look for when choosing an IT company.

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