Is Your Business Still Using a Break/Fix IT Provider?

Written by Chad Gniffke

September 9, 2019

Small Business

Is your business still using a break/fix IT provider? Find out why an MSP like briteCITY is a better option!

These days there are two different business models when it comes to IT providers. One is a break/fix model and the other is called a Managed Services Provider. As a disclaimer briteCITY is currently a Managed Services Provider.

What is Break/Fix

An IT company that uses a break/fix model usually waits until something breaks at their client and then will come in to fix the problem. They generally don’t do a lot of proactive work on the network, and you will only see them when and if you have a problem. They also usually charge their clients only when they fix a problem.

What is a Managed Services Provider

IT providers that use a managed services model take a more proactive approach to your company’s IT solutions. They will monitor your network and devices and try to head off issues before they happen. They also push out updates to help keep your network safe and secure and will help you plan for upgrades before they cause huge problems. These companies often charge a monthly fee to keep the network running smoothly.

Why People Use Break/Fix Companies

The main reason business owners decide to use a break/fix company is the cost. They don’t want to spend a lot of money on their network. The company feels like they shouldn’t pay a monthly fee for services they don’t think they actually use.

Why People Use MSPs

Using a managed services provider gives companies the power to budget for their IT expenses every month. The business owners know that they will be paying a specific fee each month, and they can plan for that.

Companies also choose to use an MSP because they want to be protected from malicious attacks and need guidance on what they need to do to keep their network running properly. They understand that downtime will cost them more than the monthly fee for the MSP, and therefore choose to go that route instead.

Why You Should Choose an MSP

Obviously, we are a little biased here, but using a managed services provider may seem like the more expensive option in the beginning, but over time you may actually end up paying more for a break/fix company.

Not only could it cost you more actual dollars, but it could also cost you more in downtime. When you don’t calculate in missed productivity and missed sales due to your network being down, you might find that being down cost you more in one day than it would have cost to hire the MSP for an entire year!

An MSP’s job is to minimize calls to the helpdesk, downtime, and general issues. Some companies that are already paying for an MSP sometimes complain that they aren’t even using the MSP’s services, and therefore should switch back to a break/fix company. Those businesses are usually back with an MSP within 2 years as the network starts falling apart.

What many business owners fail to see is all of the behind the scenes work it takes for MSPs to keep your network running smooth and helping you to avoid downtime and lengthly calls to the helpdesk.

If you are still with a break/fix company, it may be time to start looking at a managed services provider like briteCITY. Give us a call today to find out how we can help save you money on your IT.