Why You Should Hire an IT Support Provider in Orange County

Written by Chad Gniffke

November 5, 2018

Small Business | Tech Tips

Are you still relying on the person who knows "a lot about technology" to help with your business network? Here are some reasons that can be a HUGE mistake!

Almost every small business has that one person who “knows the most about technology.” This person usually knows enough about IT to get most of the internal tech support needs handled, and sometimes they know just enough to get themselves into some serious trouble. Many small businesses rely completely on this person to handle their internal network, since it can be expensive to hire an IT Support company. This is a huge mistake that several companies make regularly, and there are a few reasons why.

Lack Training

While this person at your company does seem to know a lot about computers and technology, they don’t have formal training in standards and practices for network support. We have often seen entire networks fail because it is not set up properly. When the company realizes the problems they have are too big to solve themselves, and they hire a company like briteCITY, it can take hours of extra time fixing all of the issues that have come up because the network was setup improperly.

They Have Another Job To Do

Another problem that often pops up when a company relies on someone inhouse to handle their IT Support is they can be too busy with the job they were hired to do. IT is usually not their primary job responsibility, and they could end up overwhelmed with IT related tasks. These tasks can take a professional technician minutes to handle, but with the lack of training and necessary skills, it can end up taking them much longer to complete, leaving their actual job responsibilities piling up.

Prevent Problems

Most IT Support providers proactively try to prevent issues from occurring. They put alerts and systems in place to get notified when parts or devices are starting to fail. This allows them to schedule replacements before they become a major issue. Ensuring that your network is consistently running smoothly is the ultimate goal.

Shorter Downtime

When the technology in your company is down, you may stand to lose a lot of money. When a major issue happens, and you do not have an IT Support provider on contract, you could be facing some serious downtime. Not only will you have to find someone who can resolve the issue at the last minute, you may have some serious issues to deal with even if you find someone. For example, if you don’t have proper backups in place, it may be much harder to get your system back up and running completely in a reasonable timeframe.

24/7 Availability

IT Support providers in Orange County like briteCITY have a full staff of people available to help with issues that come up in your company. There is usually someone on call 24 hours a day that can fix issues that come up after hours and on weekends. The same thing usually can’t be said about the person who knows a lot about technology at your company.

There are also a lot of businesses who think that since most of their critical company data resides in the cloud, or they use SaaS applications that are accessible from anywhere, that they don’t really need an IT Support provider. This is also a huge mistake. Obtaining support for these massive online systems can sometimes be difficult, and you still need someone to help you with issues that arise on the systems you use to access those platforms, like your computers and your internet connection.

You wouldn’t try to watch TV without a remote control anymore, even though you probably COULD do so. Using a remote just makes the whole experience smoother and more enjoyable. Using the right tools for your business network will help everything run more smoothly and help your staff have a more enjoyable experience!