How to Clean Your Computer

We use our electronics so much, that it can be hard to see the dirt accumulating on the device. If your machines get really dirty they can actually cause problems with the components of the device. Internal dust and buildup can make computers run slower and can even short out various parts.

It is important to keep your computer and other devices clean so they can continue to function properly, also so you don’t get sticky fingers every time you go to use your keyboard. There are a few things you can do to make sure your computer is running optimally at all times.

Blow Out the Dust

Using canned air, blow out any dust that could be cluttering up the inside of your device. You will have to open your computer to really get at the problem. While this can be easy for desktop computers, it can be a little more tricky for laptops. Depending on the brand there may be easy tabs that will allow you to pop the computer open quickly, but some may require the use of a screw driver.

For a laptop, more than likely there won’t be a lot of dust buildup, since there isn’t a lot of places for dust to accumulate, and the device generally isn’t stationary. However, the fan in a laptop can get quite dirty, but you can blow canned air through the vent in the machine’s casing to get at the problem without opening up the laptop.

Blow the canned air on all of the internal components to make sure they all get cleaned up nicely. This will likely create a dust storm at your desk, so make sure you are ready for the cloud. If you have a handheld vacuum handy, try to vacuum up the dust that gets loosened by the canned air, both at your desk and inside the computer.

Clean Your Keyboard

If you have a detached keyboard flip it over and lightly tap on the bottom of it several times. This should loosen any crumbs, dirt or dust that has made its way under the keys. Take your canned air and try to blow it in between the keys as well to reveal more dirt and crumbs.

If you have a laptop, just use the canned air. If you can get the keyboard upside down, you can try to tap on the bottom of your laptop, but you must be extremely careful.

Once all of the debris has been removed from the keys, use some cleaning solution and rag to wipe the keys carefully. Make sure your computer is turned off before you do this, or you may find yourself typing a whole lot of gibberish.

Wipe Down Your Monitor

Use a cleaner that is specifically for electronics to spray down and wipe your monitor. Especially if you have a touchscreen, there will be a lot of buildup on it. Windex has wipes with a cleaning solution for electronics that make it really easy to grab one of the cloths and have at it, another thing to watch out for is to make sure the cloth is microfiber, and won’t scratch the glass of the screen. Wipe the screen with the cloth and solution.

Wipe the Exterior

Using the same cleaner, wipe the rest of the computer. While cleaning the exterior won’t exactly help keep the components from frying, it will look a whole lot nicer.

With your computer all cleaned up, next you can wipe down your desk from all of the debris you may have kicked up and spread around your desk and floor.

Author: Chad Gniffke
Chad is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. As an Expert in IT Services with strong business development professional skills Chad has helped briteCITY become one of the top IT Services providers in Orange County.