Improving Your Relationship with Technology Can Benefit Your Business

Many business owners and employees have a difficult time understanding technology. It’s not a bad thing that everyone in the world is not an expert on IT. If everyone was a tech expert, we’d be out of jobs!  

When business owners are afraid of technology or don’t understand the benefits it provides, it’s hard for them to approve of spending money on upgrade projects or even understand why they should hire a managed IT support provider 


How understanding more about technology helps you run your business: 


Can Help You Work More Efficiently 

Although you may have a hard time working with technology, if you take some time to understand it a little bit better it can actually help you get more done in a shorter amount of time. A computer has the capability to process information more quickly than our brains. This allows the computer to multi-task and helps us accomplish our to-do lists faster. 


Helps You Organize Your Projects 

There are several different software programs or Software-as-a-Service platforms that can help you organize projects. Easily keep track of who is assigned to what tasks, due dates for all of the incremental tasks, and even stay updated on whether or not you are within your budget. 


How you can get more comfortable with technology: 


Take A Class 

Many of the local community centers or even community colleges offer courses on computer basics. They also have classes for various software programs like Microsoft Office. The nice thing about taking a class with a live instructor is the personal attention you get to help you understand exactly the areas you are struggling with. 


Watch Online Videos 

Along with the courses you can take, there are a ton of online videos that can help you with any computer questions you might have. From how to change the display settings to how to use keyboard shortcuts, there is a vast amount of knowledge you can gain from a few Google searches. 


Use It 

Honestly, one of the best ways to feel more confident with technology is just to use it. You can learn a lot by clicking around and seeing what everything does and the options for configuration it has.  

Just be careful to never delete anything you don’t know, and never click anything that looks suspicious. What you can do, though, is look at all the menu options for the programs you are working in. Click each menu item and read through the various options. You may even learn something that the program can do that will help you accomplish your tasks faster. 


Ask Questions 

Another way you can get more comfortable with technology is to ask questions. You can chat with your IT service provider and have them give you some pointers, or you can even ask them to run a brief class for your company to help everyone understand the technology. 


Technology doesn’t have to be scary. The more you know about it the more you will be able to understand how to use it to make your job more efficient. 



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