What Not to Do On Your Work Devices

When you are given a device to use for work, whether it is a phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop you may start thinking that you can use the device however you want. While it is mainly true, that you can use your work devices however you want, it would definitely not be recommended. While there are things you should NEVER do on work devices, like browse inappropriate websites, there are other things that you may not think about that could get you into trouble as well.

Don’t Store Personal Data

Yes, a good portion of your day is spent at work, so it can be tempting to login to your personal email, download personal files, or work on personal documents while at work. It would definitely be a mistake to work on these files and platforms while on your work computer for a few reasons. Someday, if you were ever to be laid off for any reason, often they will take your devices right away. If your work computer is the only place you have specific personal files stored, you will lose access to those files forever.

Along with the issue of the device suddenly being taken away, if you are logged into any personal accounts like Dropbox or email accounts, losing access to your device gives your employers access to these accounts through your computer as well. You may not want your employer to have access to all of your vacation photos from your Dropbox account.

Logging into your personal email is also a mistake while at work because it is no longer private. Most employees are unaware that anything they do on a work device or on a company network can be, and usually is, tracked. If you login to your personal email, thinking you are able to have a little privacy from supervisors and administrators, you would be very wrong. Even if you aren’t using your work email account, your messages and activity can still be tracked if it is accessed from a business owned device.

It is completely legal for businesses to monitor, track and view anything you do on a business owned device. Definitely don’t ever assume you have or are entitled to privacy on these devices.

On the flip side of this, don’t use your work email for personal communication. Always have a personal account that you use for all personal transactions and business. Someday you may not work for the same company, and changing your logins at various websites to a new email address every time you get a new job might be a huge pain.

Don’t Login to Social Media

Unless you are in marketing, there is likely no credible reason you can give for logging into social media while you are supposed to be working. Not only, as mentioned above, can everything you do while on the social platform be tracked and monitored, you may just be showing your employers that you need more work. Employers are always trying to figure out how to increase the bottom line. If they have employees that spend too much time on social media, they may think that there isn’t enough work to keep so many employees on staff.

Don’t Shop or Play Games

Similar to social media, shopping or gaming while you are supposed to be working just shows that you might be shirking your job responsibilities. Depending on the sites you are using, you may even open up the company device or network to attack. Not all websites are created equal, and browsing through websites that are not secured properly or even compromised could lead to problems for the entire business network.

Don’t Ever Think No One is Watching

The bottom line is don’t do anything on your company issued device that you wouldn’t do with your boss standing right over your shoulder. Chances are highly likely that while they aren’t actually physically watching everything you do, someone at your company probably is watching. Don’t look for a new job, don’t apply for new jobs and of course NEVER EVER look for inappropriate content. These things can most certainly get you fired.