How to Get More Done In Less Time

No matter what your personality is, whether you like to procrastinate or you prefer to get your tasks done right away, everyone could use a little help being a little more productive. As Orange County IT Support providers, we see how many things distract employees throughout the day. Phone notifications, emails, or even someone in the office who wants to chat can all derail a productive work session.

What are some things you can do to help you stay on task and get more done in less time?

Use Headphones

When you are ready to put your head down and knock out a ton of work, it can be helpful to wear some headphones. Some people can be distracted by music, and others use music to help them concentrate. Even if you are one who gets distracted by music, you can still use headphones to help with your productivity. Noise canceling headphones can be especially helpful to drown out the office noise and even your phone notifications even if the headphones aren’t actually plugged into anything. Also, when you are wearing headphones, your co-workers won’t try to bother you as much since they can see that you are busy trying to work.

Use a Schedule

Even if you don’t typically have a lot of appointments during the day, setting a schedule or routine for yourself can really help you focus on each aspect of your job. When you allow yourself 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon to check on email and respond to messages, and then work on other specific tasks in a specific order, it eliminates the temptation to be distracted by your various to-do items. You could waste your entire day responding to and dealing with all of the email messages that come into your inbox throughout the day. Giving yourself set amounts of time to work on tasks that have potential to send you down a rabbit hole is a great way to make sure you are able to get the rest of your tasks done too.

Turn off Notifications

That bright shiny notification light on your phone, or the small popup on your computer screen about a new email message is extremely hard to resist throughout the day. Each time you are distracted from your current task by a notification it takes at least a few minutes for you to refocus. Multiply that by the number of times you receive notifications throughout the day, and you have a really large chunk of the day spent on trying to refocus after a notification distraction. Turn over your phone so you are unable to see the notification light. Turn off notifications so they don’t ping your smartwatch. Don’t allow notifications to pop up on your computer screen from your email program or your browser.  Not being able to see the notifications is half the battle. If something is really important, they will call.

Use Automations

The technology available to us these days can really help make everyone more efficient. Using automations to improve your productivity can give you a significant boost, and really help you get more done. Some tasks you have to perform can be extremely repetitive. If you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, you can try to make the process more automatic. Look for ways to make your job easier with the technology available to you.

Since everyone can use a little productivity help, try to pick one of these options and try it out for yourself. We would love to hear how much productivity YOU gain!