What Technology Do I Need To Start My Business?

You finally decided to pull the trigger on that amazing business idea you have. That is wonderful news!  

Some questions you may start asking yourself right off the bat are: How you are going to make this idea of yours a reality? Who do you need to hire? How will you get the word out? What kind of technology do you need to invest in to have a great starting foundation? 

 Since we offer Orange County IT Support, we know a thing or two about the essential tech you need to get started. 


Internet Access 

One area you don’t want to skimp on is your internet access. Many platforms used to run a business are cloud-based, meaning you need to have internet access in order to use them. Without proper access to the internet, you might just be done before you even get started.  

Even a slow internet connection can be extremely costly as it will reduce productivity and cause a lot of frustration. So, make sure to get the right speed for you. 



We know predictions all state that the computer business is declining, and mobile devices reign supreme, however, for real work productivity computers are still the way to go.  

As your staff starts out, you may want to consider thin clients, which are basic computers used to access a remote desktop where the real processing power sits. Each staff member should have a productivity device to help them get their work done. 


Website & Email 

While there are many ways to get a free email account, you should have your own domain name and website and email addresses associated with them.  

Office 365 and GSuite both offer extremely affordable platforms for business email without having to pay for an onsite server. Using these services with your own domain name will look more professional than telling people your email is britecity@gmail.com.  

If a business doesn’t have a website in the current market, it will definitely be hard for them to get any traction. 


Document Storage 

Once you sign up for Office 365 or GSuite, you will likely get a certain amount of storage available to you for documents and other types of files.  

You can set up desktop syncing for both of these platforms so files you store to certain folders on your computer are automatically saved to the cloud storage and shared with those who need access.  

If you only need document storage, however, you can look at other platforms like Dropbox. 



You need a way for customers to contact you, and many prefer using the phone. You can set up a contact form on your website or a chat program, but having a phone number is essential.  

You can set up a free phone number through Google Voice and have it forward to your personal phone or set up a landline in your office. Either way, a phone number is still important, not just for contacting purposes, but often is required when signing up for services. 


Accounting Program 

Especially for small business owners just starting out, detailed records of where your money is coming and going are extremely important.  

There are a few really affordable options like QuickBooks for Self-Employed. You should be able to track your income and expenses from wherever you are, so make sure the option you choose has a great mobile app as well. 


Tech Consultant 

When you are feeling overwhelmed by all the choices available to you, it might be a good idea to consult with a local tech support company, like BRITECITY.  

Sometimes you just need to know what is recommended for your particular situation and we are always happy to help answer questions for you! 


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