Switching IT Services in Orange County?

We’ll bring the donuts!

Change your managed IT service provider in Orange County by following our trusted RECIPE.





theKITCHEN is our unique method of building continuous improvement into your organization, ultimately decreasing the IT problems over time.  theKITCHEN designs technical RECIPES to reduce per-person issues keeping your staff more productive.  We also focus on Orange County so we are just down the street.

IT Services Orange County

Martin was super helpful, when I thought of adding an add-in in my outlook event to be able to proceed with the call, he said yes and helped me put it on! Viola, Issue solved! Thanks to Martin and Brite City. Best customer service!

Catherine R.

Admin Assistant

Mitchell is AMAZING as always as well as the entire staff at Briecity.

Sunday J.

Project Coordinator

Jason was my technician and was able to fix my issue. My computer did not work with autosave in excel and I was unable to double click to open excel documents. Issue has been resolved and Jason followed up to ensure everything was working properly. Jason also followed up at the time he said he was going to.

Terri B.

Programs Coordinator

Kyle is an invaluable asset to BRITECITY. Grateful he is on your team.

Chris S.

Broker Admin

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