Why You Should Consider Moving Your Line of Business App to the Cloud

Line of business (LOB) apps are the backbone of any company. It’s what keeps everything running smoothly, your data organized, employees on track, A LOB can be anything from QuickBooks to a CRM like Salesforce or a proprietary application that is built specifically for what your business does.  

These applications are notorious for not being updated frequently if at all, and yet if a company lost access to it, their business operations would come to a grinding halt.  

With the security risks that are seemingly around every corner these days, it’s time to ditch the antiquated LOB app and think about moving to a cloud Software-as-a-Service application.  

If your LOB app is outdated, check out some of the pros for moving to the cloud: 

Work From Everywhere 

Cloud applications allow you to interact with your LOB from anywhere. This means when you are on a business trip or on vacation with your family, it will be easy for you to check-in quickly to see if there is anything outstanding for you to do. Often these cloud apps will have a specific mobile app too, which makes it even easier to work on the go.  

If the internet goes out at your office, anyone can go home or to a local coffee shop and be back up and running in no time.  

Gain Speed 

Without relying on your company’s network, it may allow the LOB app to run more quickly. This would be dependent on your company’s internet speed, of course. But typically, the LOB app is designed for speed when you are using the cloud version.  

No Need for Local Server 

When you move your LOB app to the cloud, you are no longer reliant on your local server. You won’t have to worry about hardware dying and having to restore from backup. The LOB will almost always be accessible no matter what is happening on the local network. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need a server altogether. There are other things the server could be running that you still need to access like printer and file sharing and username/password authenticating.  

Pass On the Security Risk 

Having a server onsite that is running your LOB app could open your company’s network up to security problems. There could be bugs in the LOB code that open the entire network for attack. Many MSPs discovered how this vulnerability can be exploited when ransomware was able to be pushed out through a LOB app that was locally hosted. 

If you are running the LOB app from the cloud, the company that created the cloud app takes on that security risk. If they are compromised, they are liable. It’s better to pass that security risk on to someone else so you don’t have to be worried about breaches to your network. 

Always Up To Date 

The best part of using a cloud-based LOB application is that you don’t have to worry about patches and updates. The cloud version will always be running the latest version and will be updated without any interaction from you.  

Moving your LOB app to the cloud is a good idea for many businesses. If you want us to evaluate your company’s situation and help you find a LOB app in the cloud that is right for you, contact us today! 


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