What You Should Talk To Your IT Provider First About

As your IT service provider, it’s best that you inform us about some of the decisions you make as a company. Things like moving offices and switching internet providers might not seem to be IT-related, but they can disrupt your network and cause a variety of issues. 

Here are some things you should talk to us about so we can support your company without a loss of productivity: 

Moving Offices 

One of our clients recently moved a remote office to a new location. The client did not notify us of the move until they were suddenly unable to access corporate network files. There was specific technology in place connecting the two offices, and because of the move those connections broke.  

It ended up taking several hours of repair for something we could have fixed prior to the move in ten minutes.  

Moving offices is definitely something your IT provider should know about prior to the move. We can make sure everything is in place for a smooth transition. 

Switching Internet Providers 

Changing your internet provider can also have significant repercussions on your network. There are usually connections to different offices that rely specifically on your external IP address, which could change in the event of a new internet provider.  

Another problem you could run into is potentially purchasing an incorrect package, which could decrease your speed or worse.  

Changing LOB Applications 

Your LOB (Line of Business) application is the lifeblood of your organization. It’s what keeps your business running. If you are considering changing your LOB app, you might want to consult with your IT provider first.  

IT providers are able to see a lot of networks across different companies, which is to your advantage. We may know of an app that’s similar to yours from another one of our clients. We can also research different applications if we don’t already know them and recommend the best possible one for your business. 

New Users 

Generally, we are the last to be informed of new users. Often clients will call us to set up the new user right when said user has already started.  

If we are informed even a day or two prior to the new user starting, we can make sure everything is set up and ready to go before they start.  


Another HR issue that is directly related to IT is terminations. When an employee is being let go, it is important to get them locked out of your corporate network as soon as possible.  

While most former employees aren’t going to be malicious, there are a few that will. You don’t want to roll that dice and find out the one you just let go is about to destroy all your company data. 

We are part of your team 

We really just want you to think of us as part of your team. When you make a decision about your business, we want to help you make the best decision possible. Help us, help you! 


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