The 5 Best Cloud Services For Your Business

Written by Chad Gniffke

June 18, 2018

Tech Tips

Are you looking for the cloud services that will help your business? Check out our top 5 recommendations!

Many critical business tools are moving to cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platforms. There are several benefits to using cloud platforms including the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world, using any device. While the market is currently flooded with various tools that can essentially do the same things, there are a few SaaS platforms out there that are currently sitting on top of the pile.

We have chosen our 5 favorite IT cloud solutions that do not overlap. There are extremely popular choices in each category (like email and communication), but we limited our recommendations to one per category.

Office 365

Microsoft has been winning the office game for quite a while now. Before they became involved in cloud services, most businesses have been using Microsoft Word and Excel for the majority of their business documents. With Office 365, businesses are no longer required to have an onsite mail server like Microsoft Exchange. Office 365 accounts come with storage space for files and allow you to install the Office programs like Word and Excel on your mobile devices and computer.


One of the most popular customer relationship manager (CRM) software platforms is SalesForce. It has extensive integrations with various platforms and helps businesses keep track of clients and customers through all stages of interaction. SalesForce has templates for several different industries and markets, which has made it a great choice for a broad selection of businesses.


Communication between employees and different companies has greatly improved over the years. Gone are the days of using consumer level chat programs like AOL and MSN instant messenger. Slack has the ability to communicate both within an organization and outside of it. So if there is collaboration that needs to take place between two organizations, Slack can facilitate that. The platform also has the ability to integrate with several different platforms to help users create things like tasks or calendar appointments through the application.


Project management has become so much easier with tools like Trello. A Trello board is a list of lists, filled with cards, and can help you organize all kinds of projects. Shared boards allow you to assign different tasks and cards to members of the project. You can even invite people outside your organization to coordinate projects between companies. Through the notifications you can always know exactly where the project stands, and what still needs to be accomplished.


If your business deals with customer service at any level, ZenDesk is a great way to keep track of tickets and issues that customers may have. The platform is able to accept tickets via email, web forms, or even through social media. Tickets can be assigned to various users, and supervisors can see who is falling behind and who is knocking it out of the park taking care of customers.

Although these are extremely popular cloud services that many businesses use on a daily basis, technology is not a one size fits all situation. What might work for one business may not work for yours, so be sure to check out all the features of the platforms and their competitors to decide which one will be the right one for your company.