Introducing Cyber Warranty with Cork Protection


Your Financial Shield Against Sophisticated Cyber Threats


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Exclusively for BRITECITY clients on POLARITY

We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking Cyber Warranty service—an innovative partnership with CORK, a leader in proactive cyber protection.  

Our Cyber Warranty service equips you with tools to manage risks, maintain a robust security posture, and limit any potential financial damages from cyber threats. It fills the gaps where cyber insurance won’t, making sure you are covered in case of a security breach. 

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Get Protected in Minutes

Secure your protection in minutes – Our seamless digital qualification process ensures your Cyber Warranty coverage can be underwritten immediately, saving you time and getting you secured faster. Instead of waiting weeks for forms to be filed, your application will be processed with near-immediate approval. 

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Reduce Financial Risk

Significantly diminish financial risk – Achieve immediate financial coverage under our Cyber Warranty for services like data recovery, business interruption loss, incident response services, and more. This immediate financial support plays a crucial role in helping you bounce back quickly from any cyber incidents.

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Claim Payouts Fast

Get claim payouts within a few days – Accelerate your claims validation process using real-time crucial insights from your security tools, all made possible through our Cyber Warranty service. Fast and efficient claim resolution is an integral part of our Cyber Warranty offering, ensuring your operations can get back on track swiftly. 

What is the duration of my coverage?
  • Cyber Warranty offers coverage begins on the date of your purchase.  Because coverage is month-to-month,  this ensures peace of mind without the longterm commitment required by lower featured cyber insurance plans.  
Who underwrites the warranty?
  • The cyber warranty is underwritten by CORK, which is supported by a consortium of top-tier reinsurance companies. This network of backing provides substantial financial stability and reliability for our clients. 
Is there really a cyber risk to small businesses?
  • Despite common misconceptions, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are, in fact, prime targets for cyber threats. This includes prevalent attack types such as ransomware, phishing, and business email compromise (BEC). 
  • The size of a business does not diminish the impact of a cyber-attack. Without adequate preparation and resources, a cyber-attack could have devastating consequences, potentially jeopardizing the very survival of the business. 
I already have preventative cyber attacks tools. Why do I need a warranty?
  • While our currently deployed security tools offer extensive protection, aiming to thwart any data breach attempts, they are not infallible. New threats emerge constantly and even the most robust tools can’t guarantee absolute security. 
  • A cyber warranty acts as an extra safeguard, offering financial protection in the unlikely but possible event of a breach. It ensures you’re not just relying on prevention, but you’re also prepared for the consequences if a breach does occur. 
  • The security tools we deploy not only work towards preventing cyber threats but also help validate your coverage under the cyber warranty. This synergy aids in swift claims approval and processing, often within a matter of days. 
  • Consider this analogy: You buckle up when you drive, and you install smoke detectors in your homethese are preventive measures. But you still have auto and home insurance to cover the financial ramifications if an accident occurs. Similarly, a cyber warranty complements your security infrastructure, ensuring you’re covered even if the unexpected happens.