Reducing Your Time to Resolution

Nobody likes it when their computer or device is not working properly. It makes it impossible to get your work done. And it’s just plain frustrating.  

At BRITECITY, one of our goals, as an Orange County IT Support provider, is to reduce the number of tickets generated by our clients. If we can be proactive about stopping issues before they even arise, we both gain greater productivity and efficiency.  

Of course, as hard as we try to reduce tickets, there will always be issues that arise that we couldn’t prevent. But did you know that you can help make the time it takes for you to get a resolution to your issue much quicker?  

We’ve put together a few quick tips you can use to make sure your problem is resolved and you are back functioning properly in no time at all. 


Before You Contact 

As soon as you notice that something isn’t quite working right on your computer, make sure you make note of the date, time, the steps you took before the problem happened Make sure to note any error messages you see, save any files or information you need, and reboot your device. 

Rebooting your device clears out any problems lingering in the background. Most of the time, the technician you reach will ask you these questions and have you attempt to reboot.  

If you take care of these prior to contacting support, you can get to the heart of the issue much faster. 


Make Time 

Another barrier to resolving your problem right away is often difficulty coordinating a time to work on the issue.  

If the error is limited to certain functions or is not stopping you from working, it can be tempting to put off getting it resolved. Obviously, if we are unable to work on the problem right away, we won’t be able to solve the problem right away. 

Try to find something to do that isn’t computer related or make sure we know when you will be away from your computer as soon as possible. like when you will be at a meeting or on a break.  

As the saying goes… Help me help you! 


Know the Best Contact Method 

Each IT support provider has their own methods, processes, and workflows. Many will offer multiple ways to submit an issue for resolution. Sometimes, the provider will have a preferred method of ticket entry.  

When people try to cut the line by contacting the owner directly or try to circumvent the process already put in place, it can actually make the time to resolution slower, not just for you, but for multiple clients.  

While sending a text to the owner may have gotten you a fast resolution this week, next week perhaps he will be too busy to respond, or he may not even have access to cell service when you are trying to contact him. It is always best to ask which method of ticket entry is preferred and to stick with that. 


When we can work together, we can get your issue resolved and get you back to working properly in no time at all. 


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