theKITCHEN Asset 10 is our solution to the perfect IT managed cloud service

Our unique approach to creating the right IT infrastructure for your business. We are your managed cloud service provider with a proven recipe for success.

theINGREDIENTS for the perfect managed cloud service


Prevent Phishing Attacks. Also known as Fraudulent Messaging

Phishing attacks (also known as fraudulent messaging) have kept IT service providers in Orange County hopping. We get calls all the time because someone in a company has fallen into an attack. Your IT service provider needs to work quickly to block known malicious websites and prevent the attack from being successful. Don’t fall pray, secure your business from unsafe web surfing habits by employees, phishing scams and other invisible malicious attacks.

Disaster Planning

Protect your business from ransomware, hardware failure, accidental deletion and more. Our IT team puts on their business-hat when building the right BRITECITY Disaster Recovery design, which is more than your average “I have a backup plan”. See why we are a leading cyber security company in Orange County. 

User Training & Awareness

Our unique user Training & Awareness program provides fake email phishing attacks to you and your staff. We send simulated email scams in attempt to lure you in. Any actions taken over a month period is recorded and reported on. This report can then be shared and used as a training tool assess your company’s risk level both at large and per user, and identify areas where users need more training to recognize phishing emails. Learn more about this unique cyber security feature. 

Automated Nighttime Maintenance

Sleep well at night knowing BRITECITY is performing quality control with ongoing maintenance . We know how important this is for your managed IT services. Our Automation Engineers have spent years perfecting our 1AM – 3AM automation window and are committed to “continuous improvement”, ensuring your IT services are updated during employee downtime (does that makes sense???)


Operating System Security Patch Management

Our IT support (managed or support) services provide a mature operating system security patch management process. With Policies and Schedules documented and followed, we ensure our plan is communicated effectively to both staff and clients. In addition to our 1AM – 3AM automation window, our Daytime Patching initiative has got you covered when you take that well deserved lunch break.

Third Party Application Security Patching

Adobe, Java, and Zoom are examples of third party applications that need just as much TLC as your own OS we patch regularly. BRITECITY knows the importance of keeping security holes to a minium, which is why our managed IT services in Orange County takes care of that for you.

Dark Web Monitoring

Business identity theft is real and alive. Believe it, or not, your username and passwords may be available on the Dark Web for others to commit business identity fraud. Our high-Tech Dark Web Identity Scanner monitors for passwords with your companies domain name attached to it (example: If a name, matching your business is discovered, BRITECITY will notify you and assist with an action plan. Check out what our Business Identity Profile offers for your cyber security protection.


Next-Generation Antivirus

This stuff is super cool! Think Star Wars level technology! If a security breach occurs, next-gen antivirus minimizes the pain of recovering from a catastrophic infection by repairing the damage automatically. With 24/7 monitoring, automated repairs can happen behind the scenes. Additionally, the artificial intelligence (AI) engine is always learning. As viruses become smarter, so will the AI.

Machine Learning

A small piece of software, on each computer, monitors all activity and applies machine learning to dynamically detect the most advanced attacks, including exploits, fileless, and sophisticated malware. Upon detection of a new threat, our cyber security technology stops its progress by disconnecting the infected device from the network.

Post Infection CleanUp (Roll-back Capable)

After stopping attacks, we can rollback modifications and auto-immunize your computers. This sounds fancy and it is.


Denies Malware Access

Trojans, malware, worms oh my! Keep these known and unknown malware, and other bad programs, out of your computers. Our IT services combine dynamic whitelisting and blacklisting with advanced prevention in the form of deep file inspection to block threats before they have a chance to impact your endpoints.

Document Protection

New attacks use Office, Adobe, and other documents to launch attacks on computers and networks. BRITECITY’s IT support uses Machine Learning, to prevent attacks even before they are known.

Email Spam & Junk Filtering

No one in Orange County or anywhere in the world likes junk mail! We add a third-party email filtering service that reduces the amount of junk email, mitigates viruses, and adds another layer of security to your business . This increase in security is a combination of BRITECITY’s ‘smarts’ and a solid filtering service. Genius!