First Time Customer Hardware Purchase Policy


The aim of this policy is to establish a secure payment procedure for orders placed by first-time customers at BRITECITY.


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Policy Guidelines

Payment Clearance: All first-time customers placing an order exceeding the total value of $10,000 are required to complete the payment in full. This payment must clear the bank before BRITECITY will proceed with the order.

Order Processing: Once the payment has been cleared, the equipment, hardware, or product will be ordered by BRITECITY.

Payment Methods: Acceptable payment methods include bank transfers, credit card payments, or any other method that allows funds to be verified and cleared by our bank prior to purchase.

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Subsequent Orders

Once the first order has been completed and payment has been successfully cleared, subsequent orders will be placed in advance of the monies clearing. This amendment in process is only applicable to customers who have successfully completed their first order.

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Queries and Assitance

For any queries or assistance regarding this policy, please contact our Accounting Department. Please email our accounting department call us at 949-243-7440. Our team will assist and guide you through the payment process.