How much money do you waste when IT problems don’t get fixed the first time?

When IT-related problems don’t get fixed properly the first time, it tends to perpetuate a decline in your relationship with your IT managed services provider.  

Companies will have different reasons for approaching a new IT support company in Orange County when they plan to switch from their current partner. The main reason: their current managed services company is not getting things done right—not fixing problems correctly—the first time. 

Problem: Constant-Need-To-Return Methodology

One common issue that frustrates companies involves setting up a new employee. Some companies find they have to call their IT managed services company two, three, four, or more times because they forgot to do something during the initial setup process. Even though the IT provider is not fixing a problem when setting up the new employee, they’re still taking up their clients’ time and charging for each visit—even when they were at fault. 

This methodology is common at some IT companies. They’ll come to client’s workplace to set up backups, firewalls, cybersecurity, or other IT services and miss a step. So, they come back again. And again. And again, until the job is done. 

For example, a technician might change settings manually during the troubleshooting process, and then will have to return a second or third time because they forgot to restore the original settings. They might disable the backup drive or antivirus software to troubleshoot a technical problem, and then forget to re-enable them. This leaves companies vulnerable to cyberattack or the permanent loss of data. 

Solution: BRITECITY Standard Operating Procedures

The solution is to create standard operating procedures for IT personnel to follow. At BRITECITY, we refer to these procedures as RECIPES. They detail the steps required to make sure everything is done correctly from beginning to end, much like a RECIPE to bake a cake. 

Technicians are human. When they don’t have a plan to follow, they’ll forget things or skip steps along the way. It’s easy to skip a step when there is no formally written plan. IT professionals get interrupted in the course of their work or will try to multitask when time is tight and can forget a step along the way. This leads to mistakes and omissions, which will require companies to call their managed IT services provider back again and again to deal with the resulting issues. 

That’s why it’s important to take the time to create RECIPES that detail the correct steps. A RECIPE is a good place to start when starting a new process, as it gives a base upon which you can improve your standard operating procedures over time. This means, six to nine months from now, new employees will be set up correctly the first time, and IT problems will be dealt with properly upon the first visit. 

At BRITECITY, we believe in doing things right the first time. We’ve learned from past failures, as they have helped us to create error-free standard operating procedures. It’s part of our philosophy of creating and perfecting custom RECIPES for clients. It’s also central to our commitment to continuous improvement. We’ve learned how to implement standard operating procedures for clients. This creates consistency in their working environment and consistency in our approach to providing exceptional IT services in Orange County. 

Planning: Save Time & Money

Many Orange County based IT managed services providers don’t establish standard operating procedures when helping clients to deal with everyday issues, such as setting up new employees or updating systems. As a result, companies repeatedly call their IT providers to deal with problems that could have easily been prevented. Rather than spending time getting work done, companies must deal with the delays and issues that arise when their tech support has to re-fix the same problems. Time wasted is money lost. 

BRITECITY put a lot of time and attention into helping clients set up standard operating procedures. We ensure our IT professionals follow the necessary steps when providing different types of IT managed services. We get everything done correctly in one visit, which saves both ourselves and our clients’ time and money. It also eliminates frustration for your employees and creates an overall better working environment. 


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