BRITECITY Hosts Security Training Events for local Orange County Businesses

As an MSP in Orange County, briteCITY is extremely concerned about the network security of small businesses. Many small business owners have no idea how vulnerable they are to a cybersecurity attack. Since the weakest link in a company’s network security is actually their own employees, business owners need to step up the security training for their employees.

In an effort to bring this issue to light, briteCITY has begun hosting network security training events throughout Orange County, and now on live webinars. Our first security focused lunch and learn took place near the end of February and was a huge success.

During the event, I was able to highlight some of the things business owners can do to protect their network from their own employees, whether through ignorance or a targeted malicious attack.

As I mentioned, the in-person lunch and learn was well received, but many people reached out to me afterwards, sorry that they were unable to attend, and asked when I would host another. I decided that the information I was providing during the event was crucial for business owners. I planned a webinar to follow shortly after so more people could attend.

The webinar was also well attended! Due to the ever-increasing threats to our network security, I have decided to host another webinar this Wednesday. The webinar is free to attend, and I will be presenting the information live. Make sure you come ready with any and all questions you might have so you can get them answered.

You can register for the webinar by clicking here.

With more employees working from home these days than ever before due to the Coronavirus and COVID-19, it is more important than ever to make sure your employees are utilizing proper network security practices.

Here are some interesting facts we presented at the lunch and learn to help you understand how important this type of training is. Data is sampled from around 18,000 users and was provided by Wasatch Security.

34% have clicked a link in the phishing email that was sent to them.

29% willingly gave up their login credentials from a phishing email.

When social engineering is used for a spear phishing attack (which I will explain during the webinar) 100% of the companies tested were compromised.

As you can see, phishing attacks are getting smarter and more successful all the time. You can have the best network security available, but it won’t do a thing against an employee who leaves the door unlocked.

Even if you aren’t able to attend the webinar live, make sure you sign up so you will be sent the recording after the webinar airs. Obviously, we don’t know when our next live event will be due to the current pandemic, but we hope to be able to host another lunch and learn in the near future. Until then, please stay safe and healthy!