Is Your Phone System Outdated?

Written by Chad Gniffke

May 13, 2019

Small Business

Are you getting the most out of your current phone system? Are there features you would love to have? Find out more about what VOIP currently has to offer.

Voice Over IP or VOIP technology has been around for quite a while now, yet there are still companies using extremely outdated phone systems. Even those who are using a VOIP phone system could be paying a lot of money for outdated technology.

What is VOIP?

A VOIP phone system allows you to use your phone number or extension at the office in any location, whether it is on the beach, in your car or at a coffee shop. The technology allows an application that lives on your computer or embedded into a physical phone to connect to your phone system back at the office over any internet connection.

Are All VOIP Platforms the Same?

While the underlying technology is the same, which is the transmission of voice data over the internet, there are many features that are specific to various platforms. You can currently choose from a cloud hosted solution, an on-premises server, or a remotely hosted server.

There are also several different vendors to choose from as well, including our own platform, coming soon.

If you have had your VOIP service for quite some time, it may be time to start looking at upgrading your system, especially if you are currently using an on-premises server. When your on-premises server fails, it can be costly to replace or repair. Eliminating that point of failure can help you rest easy if your business relies on the phone system for day to day business transactions.

What Are Some of the New Features for VOIP Systems?

As mobile phones have become second nature to the general population, being tied to a physical phone at the office can seem like a productivity killer. Many modern VOIP systems now offer a mobile app to help keep you connected when you are out on sales calls or need to help someone while you are away from your office.

With a mobile app you can also make phone calls to customers and clients using your office phone number instead of needing to give out your cell phone number to everyone you meet. When you need to disconnect from the office, it’s easy to sign out of the app or uninstall it all together and you can truly spend time with your family, whether it’s on vacation or just on the weekends.

Another more recent feature is the ability to have your voicemails transcribed to text and sent directly to your email inbox. The voice transcriptions aren’t perfect, but they are continually improving, and are getting very close. You should at least be able to get the general idea of the voicemail before you need to respond.

How Can I Upgrade My Current or Sign Up For A VOIP Phone System?

Soon briteCITY will be launching briteCITY VOIP, which will be a business phone system designed to flex with the needs of your business.  

We want you to think of briteCITY as Your Technology Department, and are passionate about helping you with all of the technology you use to make your business run more smoothly. With briteCITY VOIP we can help improve that single point of contact for all of the technology in your business.

Our Features Will Include: 

  • High Definition VOIP audio, from any Internet connection worldwide.
  • Mobile app for “call/answer anywhere office extension” capabilities.
  • Keep your current number(s). 
  • Voicemail to Text right in your email inbox.
  • Includes a professional voice recording for your auto-attendant.
  • Unlimited nationwide calling.  

Our plans will start at $15.99 per extension per month. Click here to be notified as soon as it is available for you to purchase!