Things To Do When The Internet Goes Down At Your Office

So many of our business tasks nowadays are entirely done on computers and if the internet goes down, it can bring the entire company to a screeching halt. As IT Support providers in Orange County, there usually isn’t a lot we can do to help in this situation. Businesses are limited in their options of internet service providers so if there’s an outage in the area you may just have to wait until the provider is able to restore the connection. 

You should consider having a backup internet connection that your business can roll over to if the main internet connection goes down.  

Here’s a list of things you and your employees can do to stay productive when the internet is down: 


Get Some Filing Done 

If you still have paper roaming around your office, the loss of the internet is a great chance to take some time and get some of that paperwork filed away. This is typically one of those things that often gets overlooked since there seems like so many more important things to do. 


Clean Up 

Another task you can get done is get your office, cubical, breakroom, and more all cleaned up and organized. Throughout the day, my desk can get extremely disorganized. When that happens things can fall through the cracks. Not being able to get things done on the computer is a great chance to restore some organization to your own desk as well as the office in general. 


Head to the Local Coffee Shop 

The great thing about many of the business apps we use on a daily basis moving to the cloud is the ability to access these platforms from anywhere. The only issue here is if your company is still storing files on a local file server, or you use programs that require a local database. 

Even if you are usually able to access this information remotely, without an internet connection at the office you will not be able to login to these resources. 


Use Local Resources 

On the other hand, if you do have a local file server, you can still do a good portion of your job without internet access. You won’t be able to email or use online resources, but you may still be able to work on files, reports, or special projects that require planning but don’t necessarily require the internet to complete. 


Have a Meeting 

Often meetings can have put a wrench in an otherwise productive day. When the internet is down though, you can really collaborate with your coworkers without worrying about what emails you are missing and what tasks you can get done during your meeting. It is a great time to really put your heads together to come up with solutions to problems, talk about projects, and have great uninterrupted discussions. 

Instead of becoming frustrated by the things you can’t control, you can use the time productively and turn it into a positive. 



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