The Pitfalls of Becoming Too Reliant On Technology

Written by Chad Gniffke

September 7, 2018

Tech Tips

We love technology! We know that it is not infallible, so here are a few common sense tips to help you use technology, but not become too reliant on it.

I’ll be the first to tell you how much I adore technology. Living in the future is the BEST! I love that I can tell my phone to turn on my lamps or adjust my thermostat. The future is bright, and technology is making our lives easier every day. However, as we become reliant on technology, sometimes we lose a little bit of common sense.

It’s like when people walk into Disneyland and ask what time the 3 o’clock parade starts. When they know that there are helpful people surrounding them, they can sometimes turn off their common sense and rely too much on the help that is provided.


Having a backup is so important. We think that multiple backup solutions should be in place, and frequent backups should be happening. When you know that all of your files are being backed up on a fairly regular basis, you can get complacent with this fact, and sometimes you aren’t as careful with your files as you should be. I can’t tell you how many calls we get on the helpdesk from people requesting us to restore a file they have deleted or changed or overwritten.

We know accidents happen, and that is why the backups are in place. However, what happens when you get so complacent with always having a backup, and you bring that complacency home, where you may not have backups for your files on a regular basis. This over-reliance on backups can spill over into your personal life and suddenly you have lost all of the photos of your child’s birthday!


Another great piece of technology is reminders. You can set reminders through your phone, through your task list, your calendar, and so much more. We no longer have to remember to do anything, because our phone does it all for us. Again, when we become complacent with the fact that our phone will remember everything for us, we can sometimes forget to SET those reminders. We are so used to our phone keeping us organized, but we have to remember that it can only do what we tell it to do.

The other problem with this reliance is that sometimes technology fails. Our phone dies, our application stops working, we enter the wrong date and time, and several other problems that can occur. Suddenly we are no longer being reminded to go to this or that appointment or accomplish a specific task. We need to take a little responsibility for ourselves and try to remember things on our own, and use the phone as a backup for the many occasions we forget, not the other way around.


I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gone out of town and suddenly all of my appointments are at the wrong time. Time zones can be tricky things, and you need to be extremely careful when setting up appointments in another time zone. I typically will write the appointment time in the notes so I can tell if it was the calendar that moved the time correctly, or if I put it in wrong. Doing little things like this can help you keep calendar items straight, even when you are traveling.

You should have a general idea of what you are going to be doing throughout the day though. I like to take a look at my calendar, and make sure I’m looking at all of the calendars included in my account, before I go about my day, just in case the calendar fails to remind me, or I put something on the wrong date or time.

We love technology here at briteCITY, but we know that it can fail. We probably wouldn’t be in business if technology never failed! So make sure you don’t throw your common sense out of the window when you are using it, and you should be just fine!