How to Get Your Device Battery to Last All Day

It’s an hour till lunchtime, you look down at your phone, and you’re already at 50% battery! How did that even happen?  

For all the talk of companies improving the battery life of devices, your device can’t hold a charge for longer than half your workday. It’s an endless cycle. The more you earn, the more you spend. The bigger the battery, the more we use our devices. 

Fortunately, we’ve compiled several ways you can increase the battery life on your phone, laptop, or tablet: 


Close Out Apps You’re Not Using 

The more apps you keep open on your phone, tablet, or computer at the same time, the faster your battery will drain.  

As you finish with a particular app, close it out completely so it doesn’t keep using your battery.  

Every so often check which apps you currently have open and close the ones you won’t be using soon. 


Lower Your Screen’s Brightness 

The screen on your device probably uses the battery more than any other app or setting. Dimming the screen on your laptop, phone, or tablet can save you hours of battery life.  

You can also turn on the accessibility setting to change your screen to monochrome, which also saves the battery. 


Install Lite Versions of Your Apps 

Some apps that are known to be battery hogs actually make lighter versions of their app that have limited functions.  

Facebook offers lite versions of its Messenger app and its main Facebook app. Skype and the Opera browser both have lite versions as well.  

Take a look at some of the lite versions of various apps to find some battery friendly replacements of your favorites. 


Silence or Turn Off Notifications 

While this might be unconventional, disabling notifications for various apps can actually help you save your battery.  

The theory behind this is that without notifications to distract you, you will unlock your phone less often. Without the constant turning on and off of the phone, your device will naturally last longer.  


Try Power-Saving Mode in Settings 

Android phones have the ability to put apps to sleep that are not being used. You can pick and choose which apps will do this so you don’t miss anything you might need.  

For example, if you put your email app to sleep, you won’t be notified if an important message comes through.  

You can also turn on various power saving modes on your devices Android or Apple. Some devices can gain several hours of battery life through these settings, but usage on the phone will be limited. 


Get a Charging Case 

One of the easiest ways to double your battery life is to purchase a case that serves as a backup battery. These kinds of cases are available for all types of phones.  

The only real downside is the fact that the battery cases are usually pretty thick and heavy, causing your phone to be much larger than usual.  

When the battery on your phone is low, you can just switch on the case and bring it to full charge again.  



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