Is The Technology In Your Business Well Documented?

Technology is the backbone of any modern business. Companies have become so reliant on technology that any outage can cost them thousands of dollars. Many small business owners employ an IT support company to help make sure those kinds of outages do not occur.  

IT support companies come in many shapes and sizes. What happens if you become dissatisfied with your support? What if something happens that makes it impossible to get a hold of them? Will you know enough about the technology in your company to be able to move on without them? 

At BRITECITY, we make sure not to hold technology information hostage. We store all of the important information about a business’ network in a cloud-based software program. We give the company’s main contact access to this information so they can rest assured that they’ll have answers to every question about their network without having to wait. 

In the event of an emergency or security breach, here’s the critical information we keep on hand to get you out of dire straits: 



One of the most important things we store for a business is their critical passwords. We store administrative passwords for hardware and software solutions.  

One common misconception, however, is that we store individual passwords. It would be extremely difficult for us to keep track of every employee’s password. And it wouldn’t make sense for us to do so, as it’s easy for us to reset any password on the network once we are logged in as the administrator. 


Network Diagram 

Having a broad picture of the components that make up a business network is an important tool. We use this diagram to help a company plan for the future, understand vulnerabilities in the network, and even help with inventory in case of a natural disaster.  

The more a company is able to understand the network as a whole, the more their IT support provider like us can direct the company in improving their processes. We aim to make technology work for a company, not the other way around. 


Software Solutions 

When employees and managers work inside several different applications day in and day out, it can be easy for them to become complacent about these solutions. This can lead to a sort of blindness to the solutions necessary to make these applications work.

Extensive details on where data is stored for specific applications, support contact information for these solutions, how to install the applications for new employees and new computers, and other key information necessary to make these tools work should be part of the documentation stored for a company. 


Nobody wants to be left in the dark when it comes to the essential tools needed to run the business. Information is power, so make sure your information is not being held hostage. An IT support company that refuses to give you this information is not the kind of company you want to work with. 



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