How to Reduce Your Help Desk Tickets

Making a phone call, or submitting a ticket to the helpdesk, or just experiencing a problem in general, takes time out of your busy day and can kill your productivity. Preventing problems from happening is the name of the game for sure. However, there are a few things you can do to help keep your help desk tickets at bay.

The first thing you should always do before you submit a ticket is reboot your computer. A reboot can solve a pretty good number of issues just on its own. Rebooting the computer clears out a lot of the outstanding errors that have been piling up in your computer and can give it a fresh start.


Getting a virus is probably one of the number one tickets we receive on the help desk. Often the user isn’t even aware that a virus is what is causing the problems on their computer. If your computer seems to be running slowly, or you have a lot of popups, it’s likely that you have a virus. There are ways to help prevent getting viruses though!

First, never download anything! Even if you think something is safe, make sure with an IT support professional before you download anything on your computer. Even if a website is telling you a plugin or extension is required. There are a lot of false messages out there, and a lot of false programs. Being careful with anything you agree to online or download will go a long way to prevent viruses from infecting your computer.

You can also prevent viruses by being careful about scams that come across your email. Phishing messages that request action on your part can be very convincing. Make sure you know the warning signs before you click!

Finally, make sure you are only visiting legitimate websites. Check the URL of anything you click on, even within a Google search, to make sure that it looks correct. If a search result is telling you that it is the customer support for your computer, and the brand name of the computer is not before the .com in the URL, then it may actually be the wrong site.

Printer Problems

Another common issue that frequently hits the help desk is problems printing or scanning. This is another problem that can sometimes be fixed by rebooting the printer. However, printers don’t always reboot when their button is pushed. Sometimes you need to take the power cord out of the printer to really clear out the memory of the printer. I always try to clear the printer queue of stuck print jobs prior to rebooting it, to give the printer a clean slate to start from.

Forgetting Your Password

While we never advocate users putting their password on a post-it note and leaving it in or around the computer, sometimes users feel this is the only way they can remember their password. People have a hard time remembering the password to the computer because they typically have to change it frequently. Password resets are very common help desk tickets. Instead of writing the password down on a piece of paper, use a program like LastPass to store all of your passwords. You can then look up the current password from your phone and get right into your computer when you need to, instead of having to wait until the help desk can get to your ticket.

With a little bit of forethought, many of these problems can be prevented or solved quickly on your own. While we love hearing from our clients, we don’t want to cause any productivity delays for you!