Employee Spotlight: Jimmy Lam

Jimmy was born and raised in Northern California. Grew up in Stockton and then moved to a nearby town called Tracy where I finished middle and high school. Right after high school he moved down to Orange County worked full time while going to school and got a diploma in Information Technology.

How long have you been with briteCITY?

1 year

What do you do for briteCITY?

I help resolve our client’s technology issues

What is your favorite part of your job? 

Making the clients happy

What is one thing that makes briteCITY great? 

Our company culture, everyone has a great attitude on taking care of Business and having fun at the same time!

What is the weirdest job you have ever had? 

Never really had a weird job, but my last job I put together surgical devices. It was cool knowing that at some point in time, that device would be used on someone that was having surgery somewhere around the world.

Where is your favorite place to be?


When you aren’t working, what do you love to do? 

Hang out with friends and family and get a couple drinks in

What does leadership mean to you? 

Willing to take initiative and have a strong drive towards success for themselves and their peers

What is one thing you couldn’t live without? 

Thai Towne. Best Thai food in Orange! Ask me about it

If you could have a different job for one day, what would you want to do?

I would want to be a pilot for an airplane lol I’ve never been on an airplane so it would be a cool experience to fly one!

What is your favorite Book, Movie & Song?

I don’t really have a favorite book, but I do enjoy reading news articles online. Favorite movie would have to be Rush Hour! And for my favorite song, currently it would be Marshmellow ft. Khalid – Silence

Apple or Android?

Both, I currently have an Android but have been vibing with the iPhones lately. My next phone is going to be an iPhone.