4 Ways Technology Can Help Your Business

New technologies and tech companies are launched on a daily basis. Does anyone even remember how we survived before cell phones? Before DVR? When we adopt a certain technology as a culture we soon realize how much easier it has made our lives, and can no longer picture our lives without it. There are many technologies that are still emerging that have the power to catapult your business into a well-oiled machine. We are here to introduce you to just a few areas new technologies are helping to improve businesses.


Businesses thrive on communication. Whether it is to facilitate collaboration on a project, or just help everyone feel part of the team, communication inside a company is vital. With more employees working remotely than ever before, communication can be a tough challenge to overcome. A couple of the most popular programs people are using to communicate now are Slack or Teams from Microsoft. Both offer great methods of internal communication, to help companies stay on track and communicating effectively. These chat type programs are becoming more of a standard than email. Email is clunky and hard to keep track of actual conversations and doesn’t allow for effective collaboration.

Customer service

Without customers, do you really even have a business? Likely, keeping your clients or customers happy is vital to the survival of your company. The recent advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled companies to up their game in taking care of their customers. Through the use of bots like ZenDesk’s AgentBot, companies are able to provide help and support at all hours of the day for basic issues and questions. These machines also allow more skilled employees to tackle bigger more complicated issues without getting bogged down with simple questions and problems.


There have been some really awesome advancements with marketing tools over the years. Marketing automation services like Active Campaign can completely change the way you communicate with your customers and potential customers. These services can take the manual labor out of customer retention and even customer acquisitions using automation tasks that change based on the customer’s activity. Even social media is playing an important role for small business marketing. Through social media, your business is able to target very specific markets to make your marketing dollars go much further than they ever have before.


Finally, technology has done so much to improve productivity within businesses. Tools like Trello and Basecamp have been extremely helpful in divvying out project tasks and making sure everyone is on the same page. You can integrate these tools with time tracking software to make sure you are focused on various tasks, or with your email to easily create tasks from messages. Since most of these tools are cloud based, you will always be able to know where you stand with what needs to get done for the day.

Technology doesn’t need to be scary! It’s time to embrace the tools that are now available to make businesses more successful and efficient. ¬†Soon you will be saying “how did I ever live without them”