Checking for Thousands of Client Passwords

How many passwords do you have? Tens? Hundreds? Thousands? When you create a new password, how do you know you’re not choosing a password that’s already compromised and out there on the web? Well, you would need to use a service like DarkWeb ID (DWID) which we use as part of our POLARITY security bundle

New Delivery Standards for briteCITY’s Security & Automation Team

What does “done” look like at your company? We’re big on recipes. If you’ve worked with or spoken with us, you know we live by them. Humans make mistakes. If you’re going to do something more than once, you want consistent results. To get consistent results, you need documented — and preferably automated — processes.

Are You Using the Right Cloud-Based Remote Workspace?

2020 has been the year remote work has skyrocketed. Obviously, this dramatic increase is largely due to the pandemic, but truthfully it’s been on the edge of this boom for a while. Covid just pushed it over the edge. More people are working remotely than ever before, and security needs to be top of mind

briteCITY is Proud of its Positive Feedback and Happy Clients

Did you know that COVID-19 has been a catalyst for business transformation? It’s true. Many businesses have pushed their technology to the next level so much sooner than they had anticipated. In fact, 76% of businesses are currently planning on long-term IT changes. Among the many changes that have come as a result of the

How Secure is Your Email?

According to Verizon, 90% of all threats start with an email. For many years email has been the attack vector of choice for criminals since it is the easiest and quickest way to attack hundreds of thousands of people at the same time. Another reason email is so easy to attack is that there are

How IT Services Help Your Company Stand Above the Competition in Orange County

In this economy, getting a leg up on your competition is vital. You can increase your marketing, change sales processes and procedures, and so much more. One thing that many businesses often overlook is the importance of technology in their operation. Having the right equipment, software, and services in place can really set your business

Is Your Orange County Business Too Small for a Cyber Attack?

As a managed IT services provider in Orange County, we consistently hear from business owners that they don’t need to be really concerned about cybersecurity because their business is too small for attackers to worry about. The truth is any business can be a target for a cyberattack, and everyone should be concerned about security.

Do You Have a Backup Solution for Your Cloud Applications Like Office 365?

There are many people under the false notion that just because your data is already in the cloud, protected by a software provider, you don’t need a backup solution. Unfortunately, there are several reasons that is not the case. Backing up the data in online tools is not only best practice, but it can also

Is Your Business Prepared to Work During a Disaster?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that disasters can come in all shapes and sizes. Who would have thought back in January that suddenly your entire company would need to start working from home? Preparing for business continuity during a disaster is an essential part of your technology solutions and disaster recovery plans. This

Things to Look For When Choosing an IT Services Provider in Orange County California

All IT Services providers are not created equal. Some might still be using a break-fix model that only charges you when things go wrong, and some may be providing full managed IT Services. As many people have found recently, technology is the backbone of any company, no matter your industry. When suddenly every company needed

Being Proactive About Compliance

Government regulations placed on companies has never been more robust. Privacy laws like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe, and similar laws being passed in California have local companies scrambling to figure out what they need to remain compliant with these new restrictions and regulations. Many business owners hope that if they ignore

Creating Secure Passwords That Are Easy To Remember

To maintain security it is highly recommended to use a different password for EVERY account that you login to. The reason for this recommendation is that large companies are breached on a pretty regular basis. The attackers are after usernames and passwords, which they can then use to try and access other, unrelated accounts. For

How to Create a Functional and Secure Remote Workspace for your Orange County Business

We have been thrust into a brave new world. Many businesses are jumping into this new work environment head first and ready to go. Others are being dragged into remote workforce kicking and screaming. Since all of this happened so quickly, it’s understandable if many companies were unprepared for the transition, and are still playing

How to Decide on Your Remote Workplace Strategy

Now that businesses are opening back up, many have found that letting their employees work from home wasn’t a bad thing. Some employees can be even more productive at home than they are in the office. There are other employees that are exactly the opposite though. Going forward, business owners are looking at their remote

How to Improve Productivity in Your Remote Employees

With more employees working from home than ever before, productivity is a hot topic among executives and managers. Without being able to see your employees on a daily basis, it can be difficult to tell if they are being productive. Conversely for employees, it can also be difficult to stay on task when there are

The Increasing Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication

It wasn’t too long ago that we just trying to get employees to buy into utilizing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Now that so many people are working remotely, and data breaches are becoming more regular, enabling MFA on ALL of your accounts is more important than ever before. MFA means that to access your account with

What is Spear Phishing and How Do I Prevent It?

With more people spotting phishing attacks from a mile away, attackers are turning more towards spear phishing. These targeted attacks have proven extremely successful and are often overlooked until it is too late. What is Spear Phishing? Much like a standard phishing attack, a spear phishing attack uses social media and other research tools to

How Your Business Supply Chain Can Affect Your Network Security

Often you will hear about the supply chain as it relates to grocery stores or restaurants, but the supply chain actually has a very real impact on all businesses network security. Essentially, your supply chain involves the software you install, the companies you choose to work with, and the hardware you purchase. Who is in

How Important is Communication Archiving in Today’s Compliance Requirements?

Communication through new media is increasingly cited in lawsuits. In a recent survey, 52% of attorneys said they expect an increase in lawsuits related to social media. What exactly does that mean though and how can you ensure that the communication you and your employees participate will be compliant with the local laws and regulations?

Your Complete Compliance Checklist as an Orange County Business

Currently, 55% of the world’s population is covered under some kind of privacy regulations. According to Gartner, by 2023 that will increase to 65% of the world’s population. I imagine over the years that number will continue to increase. In some ways, true privacy has been declining over the years, and in other ways, there