New Delivery Standards for briteCITY’s Security & Automation Team

What does “done” look like at your company?

We’re big on recipes. If you’ve worked with or spoken with us, you know we live by them. Humans make mistakes. If you’re going to do something more than once, you want consistent results. To get consistent results, you need documented — and preferably automated — processes. Anything we can do to eliminate human error and repetitive work is usually worth doing!

We’re making improvements, rolling out new features in our existing tool sets, and responding to issues all the time. But those don’t always get communicated when they could or should! To that end, our Security & Automation Team established a new set of Delivery Standards — or “Doneness” Standards, if you like – for our documentation and publication processes. I’m excited about this because it will mean better communication to both to you, our clients, and our own teams internally.

What to expect

Any time we have something worthwhile or valuable to share about a new service, a fix, or an enhancement, expect to see more content on it both here on the blog (like this one!) and in our KB at This blog will give you the story behind what we’re doing, and our KB will give you a little more in-depth info on how to use certain features or what to expect as a user.

So, watch this space for updates. We’re excited about what’s to come!